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Trucha bug
Root-Me CTF Crypto
RSA signature bypass due to vulnerable implementation
Root-Me CTF Prog
Reverse polish notation expressions computation
Root-Me CTF Prog
Depth first search algorithm application on an oriented graph
Physics quizz speedrun
Root-Me CTF Prog
Websocket based physics quizz automation
Easy XOR
Root-Me CTF Crypto
Hamming distances computation and frequency analysis to recover an unknown XOR encoded message
CVE finder engine
Root-Me CTF Web
CQL injection and database leak into incremental ASCII hash bruteforce
Base on fire
Root-Me CTF Web
Firestore security rules misconfiguration
Protonic vault
Root-Me CTF Reverse
Bytenode encoded Electron application bypass
Gate keeper
Root-Me CTF Reverse
eBPF rootkit analysis
They always think they got it
HeroCTF v4 Blockchain
Computation of the slot number used to store our guess number in the contract’s storage
Ready to hack
HeroCTF v4 Blockchain
Solidity smart contract vulnerable to re entrancy
HeroCTF v4 Prog
Find the number of loops in each maze with a recursive search
InterIUT 2022 Reverse
Yet another reverse of an x64 executable asking for a password
Qui est-ce ?
FCSC 2022 Hardware
Logical circuit equation solving
FCSC 2022 Hardware
Recovery of the data transmitted between an Arduino and a 1024 bits EEPROM via I2C
Daddy Morse
FCSC 2022 Hardware
IQ signal crafting to communicate with a morse telegraph server
picoCTF 2022 Forensic
Recovery of a PIN code using a timing based side channel attack
flag leak
picoCTF 2022 pwn
Format string exploitation to leak a variable on the stack
Buffer Overflow 3
picoCTF 2022 pwn
Static canary bruteforce
Unknown File
KnightCTF 2022 Forensic
Corrupted magic bytes recovery